Oh, hi there.

My name is Erica and this is my blog, Flours In My Hair.

I live in north Idaho, by way of California, then, Arizona, then Colorado, then Kentucky.

I studied art when I was in school, but never took a photography or graphic design class, which would probably have made my life way easier. But who like to do things the easy way?

I used to own a catering company with my best friend. We sold it last year and since then I've been searching for a creative outlet.

I started taking photos of food a couple of years ago for my real job and fell in love with everything about it. Cooking, styling.... eating, sharing, eating... And now, with this blog, I can share with more people.

My husband is my resident taste-tester, but he seems to like everything—and even when he doesn't really like something, he eats it anyway. Maybe I need someone with a more refined palate.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you'll come back soon!